Who Am I?

My name is Jonah Carpenter. I’m currently a barista, and I’m working towards my English major at LSU.

Desperate for direction, I’ve turned to researching and learning what I can about coffee, and writing about it. Inexperienced as I am, my first project is more akin to a first, tentative step into an ice-cold pool than an informed business venture. I have made and will make many mistakes along the way, but I’d like nothing more than to thrust them into the public space and learn from them.

I have my idols. I’m a devout follower of James Hoffmann just like everyone else, but I’m an even bigger fan of the plucky, smaller creators in coffee content like Socialish Barista and Casey. I’d also be remiss to mention my hometown hero: Rob Pirie. I have even more people to thank for my inspiration to create, but unfortunately a full list is more fit for an essay than a blog post. It is, however, no secret that this blog has and forever will take inspiration from Boss Barista, as well. Ashley’s content informs and inspires her listeners and readers beyond the world of just coffee.

Creating a long post thanking my inspirations and speaking about my journey sounds a little ceremonious, and slightly self indulgent for my first post on a blog that (likely) no one has visited yet. Full disclosure: I do think it’s a little ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, though, that finding the courage and confidence to make a post on a public website of my own creation has been a journey. It’s taken a long time to see myself as having a voice worth listening to. I hope anyone who finds this first post has found or will find their voice, too. I hope they can one day be proud of themselves for taking their first steps, just as I am.